Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kenna's October visit

What a great week we had.
The bad part was Mimzie had to work. So that meant Kenna and I had a lot of Poppy time!
Most of the time we didn't have a camera with us, But thanks to the Brown's we have a few pictures. Kenna and I checked cattle and worked in the yard. She needed a shovel and a bucket.

We were invited to go on a field trip with James Brown's grandkids.

Kenna and I met the crew at James & Dianne's house.
White donuts and orange juice started the trip.

All the kids got to set in the tractor.
Kenna, Meredith & James are ready to go.

Kenna found the Horn button and she gave it a good work out.

Shut the door, we have work to do!

We saw a cotton field and picked a little cotton.

It is time to leave. We had Fun!!

We left the "field trip" and checked Poppy's cattle, looked at Pumpkins, stopped and looked at baby pigs and made it home for lunch and a nap(1 to 4).
I know Kenna is ready to return to Muleshoe for another week.
Mimzie and Poppy are ready!!!

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